Ahmedabad Clean Air Market
The Government of Gujarat announced in June 2021 that they will expand their pilot to reduce particulate pollution from 240 industrial units in Ahmedabad.

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Michael Greenstone

Milton Friedman Distinguished Service Professor in Economics

ETS promises to reduce industries’ compliance costs by unleashing markets to identify the least cost way for heavy polluters to comply and rewarding the most efficient plants. The flexibility of being able to trade reduces the costs imposed on industry, because plants for whom it is cheap to emit less will take on more of the burden.

Nicholas Ryan

Assistant Professor of Economics, Yale University

Emissions trading can help bring down pollution at a reasonable cost, hence such environmental regulations can be successfully implemented.

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Ahmedabad: Industries Will Now Trade Smoke Emitting From Their Chimneys

After the launch of the world’s first Emission Trading System for particulate matter PM10 in Surat in September 2019, the concept has received takers among Ahmedabad industrial clusters too.

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