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ETS Ahmedabad Live Market launched by Shri Mulubhai Bera, Honorable Minister of Forest & Environment, Government of Gujarat

Ahmedabad became the second city in India to implement an emission trading scheme for particulate pollution that will help regulate industrial emissions and reduce the state's pollution levels.
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Surat’s Emission Trading Scheme to be introduced in Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Vadodara

The state government informed the assembly on Tuesday that the Emission Trading Scheme, which has been implemented in Surat, will soon be introduced in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Vadodara districts.
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Now, emission cap for Narol’s industrial units

Industrial units in Narol will be subjected to a new emission cap. After the implementation of the first Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) for Surat industrial cluster, the state government has now begun...
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Gujarat’s Pathbreaking Clean Air Market Wins SKOCH Gold Award

Gujarat Pollution Control Board received the award for the Best Governance Initiative for the Emission Trading Scheme for Particulate Matter, which has reduced particulate pollution by about 24 per cent...
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Ahmedabad: Industries Will Now Trade Smoke Emitting From Their Chimneys

After the launch of the world’s first Emission Trading System for particulate matter PM10 in Surat in September 2019, the concept has received takers among Ahmedabad industrial clusters too.
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Explained: How Surat’s Emissions Trading Scheme Works to Reduce Air Pollution

India Spends analyses the emissions trading scheme and how Ahmedabad and Ludhiana will be following the foot steps of the Surat scheme
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Surat’s Emission Trading Scheme to Be Replicated in Ahmedabad: CM Rupani

The Indian Express reports on the Chief Minister of Gujarat speaking about extending the emissions trading scheme to the city of Ahmedabad. The paper had earlier reported about the scheme,...
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Clearing the Air: How Indian Cities Are Fighting Pollution

Surat along with the Gujarat Pollution Control Board is implementing one of the world’s first pilot programs for Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) for particulate matter.
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Cap and Trade: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Live Mint, one of India's top business news portals analyses the cap and trade model using the Gujarat Emission Trading Scheme as an example
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A Win-Win-Win Innovation in Environmental Policy

As the world commemorates World Environment Day, the Indian state of Gujarat launches the first emissions trading program for deadly particulate air pollution.
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