V. Shah is the Member Secretary of Gujarat Pollution Control Board where he also holds the post of the Senior Environment Engineer. In his experience spanning 30 years, he has gained expertise in building and implementing waste treatment and management solutions, pollution abatement, zoning for siting of industries and e-Governance for implementation of environment legislation.

Previously, he was involved in Environment Planning for the preparation of ‘Zoning Atlas for Siting of Industries’ right from its inception. He has also played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and implementing the e-Governance project (XGN) of Gujarat Pollution Control Board earning him awards and accolades. He has represented the country at UNIDO Regional conference on POP (Persistence Organic Pollutants) management in Ship breaking industry, in Bangkok, Thailand.

His under-graduation degree in Civil Engineering was from MS University Baroda and he has a Master of Science degree in Pollution Control from Sikkim Manipal University. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. from Sankalchand Patel University.